About Me

I'm Alex, you can call me either Alex or Rex. I'm an Aquarian, often aspiring to reach out to new heights. I love to write, shop, swim, and eat. I also enjoy activities which are photography related. And I do believe that nothing is impossible in this world.

He is multilingual and always interested in learning new languages. He is fluent in English, Indonesian/Malay, Mandarin, Teochew Dialect, and some basic Japanese. Whilst currently spending some of his free time in learning Korean and French.

1. 1st Runner Up for James Cook University Singapore's Writing Competition 2011.
2. TOEIC score of 870 points. (Test taken during 2012) 
3. Top 20 finalist in National English Competition 2012 out of approximately 30,000 students in Indonesia.
4. Campus Ambassador for BNN Republik Indonesia from Binus University 2014-2015.
5. Featured on the Movie, Silent Hero(es) - 2015.
6. Talent for Djarum's 2015 Ramadhan Special TV Commercial.
7. Smithies' Award 2015 for Best of Flat-lay Food Photography.
Why do you usually use @alexxrex as your username?
Growing up, most of us would have had the experience of getting called by a nickname of some sort. In my case, some of my old friends used to call me rex  instead of lex which is derived from my name, Alex. That's why I used that as my username, so that people can call me either alex or rex (alex x rex).
Why do you blog?
Ever since I was a little kid, I have always liked to write. I was that introverted kid in class and hardly went out of my house. When I was still an elementary school student, I used to like writing a lot of short stories in my notebook. You could say that my imagination was really carefree back then. Yes, Alex was that kid.
Time passes by fast, and I progressed to a higher level of education. Assignments were starting to take most of my time and there goes my time and carefree imaginations to write all of those short stories again.
I have the tendency to easily forget the things that I did several days before, and I always liked to keep a log on what I did so that I can share it to my friends or other people if something interesting had happened. And so, I started writing again, this time, call it a journal.
I have written several posts on various blogs that I have made (I liked experimenting on what I could do on various platforms), and ended up deleting every one when I got bored in the end. I wanted everything to be organized well and neat.
And then came this blog, a place where I share my stories, my moods, my activities, things that I find interesting, fun places, blah blah blah and a whole lot more. I just picked back up the hobby that I might have left behind along my life journey, buried somewhere deep within my memories, to write.

What is the blog about?
This blog is about how I spend some of my daily lives, a part of motivation for those of you who might be tired along the journey of life, new findings and places to chill, and many more. Not to forget that I also like to visit a lot of places / hangouts with good foods and wear things that might probably make me look good.

What do you use to take the pictures on the blog?
Currently, I mostly use my Fujifilm XM-1 with Standard 16-50mm lens and a Fixed 35mm lens to take the pictures on this blog.