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As I tend to visit a lot of different restaurants and trying a wide variety of foods almost every single day, I can say that the risk of me gaining weight is pretty big. Especially when I hardly exercise to burn off those extra calories.
I have always been worried and self-conscious about it, and been planning to properly maintain my body weight to a proportionate number but of course, it is mostly only thought out and yet hardly executed in a proper way.

Fortunately my current body weight is just right and I don't need to worry too much. But sometimes, I just can't rid the thought of getting obese out of my mind due to my huge appetite.
Earlier this month, my friend asked me to sign up for a gym membership at one of the gym clubs here in Jakarta together with him, and so I did.


Not long after, I got invited to this bloggers gathering event held by x Mustika Ratu at Twin House, Cipete. The main purpose of this event was to introduce their slimming products and also to point out that guys can also consume slimming products as well.


This must be a sign.
*Looks down at my belly*
Yes, indeed.

Fast forward to the D-Day of the event, upon arrival, we were seated at our own pre-arranged seats, not many familiar faces were seen from the usual bloggers gathering events that I go to, and so I simply sat awkwardly on my seat.

Le awkward lunch moment, and I finished everything off my plate!
A little while after we have had our lunch, the President Director of Mustika Ratu, Mrs. Putri K Wardani came up to give her opening speech, where she also shared to us how she maintains her youthful skin and nice figure. I was surprised to find out that she is already 57 years old! She looked way younger than her actual age, and it turns out that as she shares her tips and tricks on staying fit and healthy all these while, she has been consuming Jamu, a type of herbal drink here in Indonesia, which is also for sale under Mustika Ratu.

Ms. Putri K Wardani, President Director of Mustika Ratu

Apparently, this slimming series by Mustika Ratu is also considered as one of the traditional herbal drinks by this brand. It is made out of 100% natural products, and some of the participants of this event said that they have tried this tea before and the result is real! This certainly intrigued me a lot.

After having a quick look on the details of this slimming tea, turns out that aside from slimming effect, the tea also has a lot of different uses from their ingredients such as:
1. Green Tea which is rich of Antioxidants, helps with the deconstruction of fat cells within the body.
2. Dutch Teak Leaves (Guazumae Folium), tightens up the pores on your gut so as to prevent the absorption of fats from the foods consumed.
3. Parameriae Cortex, which I have never heard of before, that supposedly helps in lowering the fat within the small intestine.

The whole slimming tea series by Mustika Ratu also have several varieties such as:
1. Slimming Tea
Key Ingredients: Dutch Teak Leaves (Guazumae Folium), Green Tea.
Benefits: Weight loss, freshen up your body, antioxidant, strengthens immune system.
2. Honey & Lime Slimming Tea
Key Ingredients: Green Tea, Parameriae Cortex, Dutch Teak Leaves, Fennel, Ginger, Lime, and Honey.
Benefits: Twice the weight loss, lowers fat mass, smoothen the bowel system
P.S. Not recommended for those of you guys who suffers from gastritis.
3. Soursop Slimming Tea
Key Ingredients: Soursop Leaves.
Benefits: Weight loss.

How to consume: Infuse the tea bag into a cup of boiling hot water. Drink twice or thrice after eating.

Aside from the tea products listed above, if you are more interested in having a more convenient approach, Mustika Ratu also have them in the form of pills or caplets:

Okay enough introduction around the product itself, continuing on to the event, there was this one table in front that piqued my interest. On top of it were a variety of ingredients including spices and such. From the looks of it, I can already guess that there was going to be a recipe demo coming right up.

And bingo indeed! There was going to be a recipe demo, and it was held with Ms. Yulia Baltschun, a former finalist of Masterchef Indonesia.

Ingredients List: Cocoa Powder, Milk, Nata de Coco, Honey, Raspberry, Cinnamon, Lemon
There were two very different drinks created from those ingredients, one was refreshing like a mocktail while the other one was rich and milky, but unfortunately I forgot what the recipes were, thus I couldn't share the exact amount of each ingredients to be put in with you guys here. BUT IN MY SELF DEFENSE, you may mix the ingredients as you like to attain the flavor that would suit your palate the most, and of course, the ingredients listed above are all healthy and suitable for the purpose of the drink itself!

Moving on! Aside from those activities earlier, there was also a sharing session on product knowledge of this slimming series by Mustika Ratu with Ms. Retno Pratiwi, the General Marketing Manager of Mustika Ratu and nutritional breakdown talkshow by Ms. Winda Ekayanti, a professional nutritionist where she gives us advices on keeping fit and having a healthy diet.

Ms. Winda Ekayanti

Of course to be healthy, fit and slim, you can't simply focus on the food you consume. True, it plays a big part within your diet but to attain the perfect balance, you also need to exercise regularly.

That is why, for the last session of the event, we were told to grab a change of clothes, and out to the garden area. Why? CAUSE WE ARE GOING TO EXERCISE!
So for before we end the day, a body combat session has been planned out with a professional instructor. If you don't know what a body combat is, it is basically a type of exercise where the moves are based on combat moves such as punching, kicking, etc.
The session went on for half an hour long, and believe it or not, for a half-an-hour session, we sweated a lot!

Selfie with Alle, Leonard, and Dickson
Another selfie with Dickson, Leonard, and Jazzy

The event was pretty fun overall as we get to learn a lot about healthy diet routine and also we got to play around during the body combat session.

If you guys are interested and would like to purchase these wondrous slimming products by Mustika Ratu, the good news is that they are easily accessible and available for sale in leading supermarkets such as Hypermart, Alfamart, Hari-Hari, Giant, Giant Express, Hero, Guardian, Farmers Market, Ranch Market, AEON, and Tiptop.

If you have been using the products already or you whether you might have some recipes to share with the others, please do leave a comment down below and let me know what you think about them. And if you haven't, why not try it out by yourselves and see the results?

That's it from me, thank you all for reading and I'll catch you guys soon on the next post!

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