Celebrating International Women's Day and Hosting My Food Photography Workshop

March 8th is widely celebrated as International Women's Day all around the world, including here in Jakarta, Indonesia.
This year, along with Accenture, a company which moves within the management consultation industry, I have collaborated with them to deliver a Food Photography Workshop for the International Women's Day Celebration event dedicated to the employees.

So through this post, I would like to share a little bit of my activity and what I did to celebrate this wonderful day as well as my thought about it.
This celebration was held on Friday, March 10th 2017 at the Function Hall of Citywalk Sudirman, which started from noon until the evening. The event began with a panelist discussion which consisted of female entrepreneurs and motivators. It was amazing to see how times have changed now and how the current working industry celebrates women more, trusting their abilities to hold positions equal to men. I am sure this brings a greater balance to the whole working ambience with men and women working together, each conquering the problems they face with their own unique capabilities.

And through this day, the committee of the event would also like to enhance the knowledge and(or) talent of the female employees by holding workshops, another way to empower women even more with better knowledge. There were three workshops held with different topics to cover, the Food Photography Workshop, Coffee Latte Art Workshop, and Sushi Making Workshop.
And as what I have stated, I would be covering the Food Photography Workshop, while Nino Fernandez, an Indonesian Actor would be covering the Coffee Latte Art Workshop, and we had an expert chef for the Sushi Making Workshop.

The participants had the choice of choosing which workshop they would like to attend when they received the invitation. So everything was organized well and went smoothly.
As I got on to my station, I was amazed to see that there were quite a number of people who are actually interested in food photography. I was super pepped up to share my experiences and what I have learnt over the years of being in the blogger industry as well as my knowledge on food photography.
Of course, if I was asked whether I was nervous or not, I would be lying if I said no. At one point, I was afraid that I might not be experienced or knowledgeable enough to "guide" them. But thanks to the participants' appreciation and proactive attitude, I soon got over it and felt comfortable speaking in front of the crowd.

I divided the workshop into two different sections, the part where I share some guides, tricks and talk about my experiences along with how I do things, and the part where I let the participants practice the photo taking process by themselves. Participants were also welcome to put up any questions for me to answer regarding photography problems that they face or simply curious about.

You really can't unsee the heart shape that we unintentionally made, can you?

I would like to convey my gratitude and thank you so much to all of the participants who have taken part in my Food Photography Workshop! I appreciate it a lot, and I hope that I managed to help you all answer your queries with satisfying responses.

Another thing which instantly put a smile up on my face was when a committee came up to me telling me that she went around asking the participants how my workshop went, and the participants actually said that I was very professional and they were satisfied to have learnt a lot through this.
It was very gratifying and I felt like there was a sense of accomplishment within me, to be able to share and help others to become better. Now for those of you all who are reading this, I would like to let you know on how are also able to do good deed, try to compliment someone or give credit for whenever they do something good, you'll never know how good it can make someone feel and brighten up their day.

What did you do during International Women's Day? Did you celebrate it, and if you did, how was it? Share it with us down below!
And through this chance, I would like to wish you all a Happy Belated International Women's Day by the time this post comes out. May all genders be equal and cherished without any prejudice nor discrimination. Here's to wish us all reach a brighter future ahead! Cheers!

P.S. Sorry for the low quality images within this post as the lighting was pretty dim inside the hall.

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