KINTAN Japanese BBQ Buffet - Jakarta

On Monday evening, as I was idling around with nothing to do, my friend suddenly called me up for dinner, explaining how much he was craving to have a Japanese Meat BBQ for dinner. So as we were pretty hungry at the moment, we agreed straight away to go for an All-You-Can-Eat restaurant. We decided to try out the newly opened Kintan Buffet - All You Can Eat Japanese BBQ.

Truth be told, as we didn't do much research beforehand, we went to Kintan Yakiniku located at Pacific Place, SCBD, only to find out the bitter truth that it is different and they don't serve buffet menus there. Words couldn't explain how disappointed we were (and hungry) at that time, so without any further ado afterwards, we went straight towards Emporium Pluit Mall for the long-awaited buffet dinner. Yes, we took the extra effort to move from South Jakarta to North Jakarta for the sole sake of it.

Upon arriving at Emporium Pluit Mall, the clock has struck around 8.30 P.M. and it took us around 5 to 10 minutes to get to the restaurant from the parking lot. The server told us that the last order is on 9.00 P.M. but we still went in ahead anyway after the kind advice from the server.

Fancy Warteg? Say whaaat?! - Jakarta

Warteg or commonly known as Warung Tegal is a very common food place that you can find almost everywhere here in Jakarta. They serve a variety of pre-cooked Indonesian dishes at a very affordable and cheap price. The downside of it, however, is that the places which are called Warteg are usually not very comfortable as they are in the form of small eating places without any air conditioner inside. And as you can imagine how hot the weather in Jakarta is, well, you would pretty much feel like you're having your meal inside a sauna.

Just recently though! I managed to find a place in Menteng, called "FAME - Food Art Menteng", which is basically a collection of Indonesian food stalls merged into one.

This FAME - Food Art Menteng consists of four restaurants / food stalls inside, namely Sate Sosial & Beer, Martabak Boss, Noodle Station and lastly Warteg Express. On this blog post, I would mostly talk about the Warteg Express, since it is the most unique one here in my opinion. We also had the satays from Sate Sosial & Beer here, so keep your eyes out for them!

UNION's Re-opening and Ramadhan Specials!

If you guys are staying in Jakarta, or have lived in Jakarta before, I'm sure that you guys have heard about UNION at least once before. It is one of the most popular restaurants here in Jakarta, and is well-known for their delicious food and cakes. Personally, it is one of my favourite restaurants to go for.

Last month, from May 23rd, however, the UNION outlet located in Plaza Senayan was closed for maintenance and repairs, up until last Saturday! It is such a good news that the UNION in Plaza Senayan has opened again, as this outlet has the best ambience and feel compared to all of their other outlets (UNION Deli in Grand Indonesia and UNION at Pondok Indah Mall Street Gallery) in my opinion.


Nothing much seems different at a glance, as most of the maintenance and repairs are aimed at the kitchen and ventilation of the restaurant, aside from the ceiling.
So, during last Saturday, I came along with my friend, Hans Danial (also known as @eatandtreats) to enjoy the newly re-opened UNION, and it happens that they also have two new cake selections in store for customers to enjoy!

I have been a big fan of their cakes here, and let me tell you that all of their cakes that I have tried here are simply SUPERB! But before we get to the cakes, let's have a look at some of the snacks and main courses that are just as awesome.

Buffalo Chicken Wings with Housemade Blue Cheese Dressing and Crudites

The fried chicken wings were nicely breaded and they were so crunchy! The blue cheese dressing was also very fragrant to top it off. Nothing could go wrong with this!

Boon Tong Kee from Singapore is Here in Jakarta!

Hainanese Chicken rice has got to be one of my most favourite food in my whole life so far. It is also one of the foods that I set a very high standard on.
I have never tried a single plate of Hainanese chicken rice here in Jakarta that actually passes my standard level of being "good". Everything is either just mediocre or plain bad, to the point that I'm no longer interested in trying out new Hainanese Chicken Rice in town anymore. Or maybe it's not that bad actually, it's just me who is hard to please when it comes to this one specific dish.

That's why once Boon Tong Kee has opened their branch here in Jakarta, I was super excited about it. And by excited, I mean super excited. Especially for the fact that I know Boon Tong Kee is very popular in Singapore and well-known for their awesome Hainanese Chicken rice.

Disclaimer: I was doing my research on Boon Tong Kee while writing this post and apparently, Boon Tong Kee has opened a branch before in Jakarta, around Kelapa Gading area under the name Woon Tung Kee, which I never knew about since it is so far away from my place. But now that it has opened in Pantai Indah Kapuk, I can finally go and enjoy it!

Aside from the well-known Hainanese Chicken rice, Boon Tong Kee also serves a variety of Chinese home-style food. In fact, I would say that it caters more to the a la carte menu, as I don't see any set menus available for us to order.

7 Things You Should Know Before Visiting Borobudur Temple!

Last month, I finally had the chance to visit Yogyakarta (usually called as Jogjakarta or Jogja for short). It is a city located on Indonesia's Java island and also well-known as the centre of education islandwide. There are a lot of traditional arts such as batik, ballet, puppet shows, and many others. Also with cultural heritage around the area, ranging from buddhist temples, palace complex, and so much more.

One of the most popular tourist sites here in Yogyakarta is the Borobudur Temple, it is the world's largest Buddhist archeological site with a pyramidal base and a total of 504 buddha statues around it. The monument consists of nine stacked platforms, a total of six square and three circular platforms, and finally topped by a dome in the middle.