A Queen's Worth of Meal at Queen's Tandoor - Jakarta ( Psst; Stand a Chance to Win Something AWESOME!)

As a restaurant that has been around for decades since 1986, Queen's Tandoor has definitely lived up to their reputation and deserved the customers crowding the restaurant.
With 2 branches in Jakarta, and 4 in Bali, Queen's Tandoor serves a variety of Indian & Fusion cuisines and has definitely made a HUGE name for themselves in the catering industry.

Our dinner started with an explosive snack! Yes, you've read that right. We had this snack called Pani Puri, which is a golden fried semolina ball served with chilled mint tangy water and sweet tamarind sauce.
The snack literally tasted like it EXPLODED inside our mouths, with crispy outer layer and chilled mint water inside, the moment you munch on it and made a crack on the outer shell.. the mint water would burst out giving a cold sensation accompanied with a sweet and sour tangy flavor from the sweet tamarind sauce.

After having a refreshing flavor play inside our mouths, we went ahead to the appetizers for dinner. Before I go on with it, I would just like to say that we had a whole lot of stuffs served in front of us during the whole session. And trust me, when I say a whole lot, I mean a LOTSSS!

As we had a lot of dishes to cover up that evening, I'll only be briefly describing to you guys on how each of the dishes were. Now, get your tissues ready to wipe your drool, cause here we go!

First up on the appetizers, we have the crispy Masala Pappadum, which is a thin crisp fried seasoned dough topped with freshly cut tomatoes, onions, and drizzled with red chili powder and salt. This Masala Pappadum is also good to be eaten along with some of the condiments, such as the curry sauce. I liked the crispiness of the dough, and it was also not too thick with a very light flavor on top of it. The tomatoes served on top gave out the freshness which is great for appetizers.

Second on the list is the Vegetable Samosa, with boiled potatoes, onions, green peas, and spices. Usually, I would prefer samosas with minced meat in it, but this dish is definitely vegetarian-friendly, so if you're a vegetarian and would like to have a samosa, this is definitely the dish to go for.
And I would also like to mention that the serving on this samosa is really generous! The fillings were fully packed and was so fragrant.

As we were finishing up our samosas, the waitresses came in with 4 more dishes, WOW, just WOW! We were simply in awe with what was served right in front of us, there were the Tandoori Chicken, Saffron King Prawn Tikka, Mutton Sheekh Kebab, and Achari Paneer Tikka.

Words could not describe how fragrant the dishes were, with so much spices incorporated inside each dishes, they were a piece of art!
The Tandoori Chicken had a really tender texture, and the spices were well-absorbed. They also said that they have marinated the chicken overnight with yogurt and spices, which might explain why it was so tender.
Right beside the Tandoori Chicken is the Saffron King Prawn Tikka, roasted in clay oven, which were slightly chewy and juicy with fragrant seasonings as well.
On the lower left, we have the Mutton Sheekh Kebab, ground spiced minced lamb meat molded into skewers and cooked over a high temperature. Even though I said skewers, the mutton were served without the skewers attached to them. Verdict of this dish: well-cooked, tender, and fragrant.
Last but not least, Achari Paneer Tikka, or simply said, cottage cheese. With a texture very similar to tofu, one can easily mistake this as a tofu. The cottage cheese is tasty, but doesn't really have anything special to it.


Now have I mentioned on how shocked we were upon seeing all of the dishes served back then? Well, we simply didn't know what else was coming up next..


Some of you guys might know that I LOVE foods that are easy to eat (in a way, boneless) and this Butter Chicken has won my heart. The mildly spiced curry is really rich in flavor, and the chicken is really tender. It is a "must-order" here at Queen's Tandoor!

Next up on the list is the Jack Daniel Glazed Lamb Raan, it is a tenderous lamb leg marinated in mild spices and slow-cooked in a true North-West frontier style, generously glazed with Jack Daniel's BBQ sauce. The BBQ sauce is indeed a champion! Strong in taste, and the lamb didn't give out any smells. Another "must-order" dish here!

Third up, we had Palak Paneer was served, fresh blocks of cottage cheese in creamed spinach curry. Remember on how I mentioned that the cottage cheese of Achari Paneer Tikka didn't have anything special to it? Now this is how I like it to be! Add some spinach and mix it into the curry and Voila!
Simply scrumptious and leaves you wanting for more!

N.B. Served in a bowl, I ate it with the Naan bread, which was an awesome combination. You guys have to try it out!

Question of the day! Guess what is inside?
Hint: It's a staple food, has spice in it, smells good, suitable to pair with so many things.

Have an answer already? Let's get to it!

Tadaaahhh! This is called Vegetable Dum Matka Briyani, a vegetable mixed spice rice dish, slow cooked to perfection and sealed in a traditional way with dough. It is also paired with cucumber mint yogurt, which I didn't like at all. I would rather have the rice along with the Jack Daniel Glazed Lamb Raan or Butter Chicken instead.

Talking about Indian foods, of course you would see Naan / Roti. Here, they have several flavors of Naan for us to choose, namely garlic, cheese masala, and tandoori (wholewheat).


Of course, to complete the dinner, we need to have some desserts, for that, we have the Gulab Jamun and Cassatta Ice Cream.

Gulab Jamun is a traditional Indian dessert, it is a soft and spongy textured milky dough balls soaked in rose scented syrup. For some who might think that 2 pieces of balls might be too little, trust me it is enough as the sweetness of the balls and syrup would melt your whole mouth already.

This dessert is served warm, so that the dough stays chewy and fluffy. The syrup also gets absorbed into the dough thoroughly, and when you bite into the dough, the syrup would literally burst out sweetly with rose fragrances.

If you prefer the cold dessert, however, you can try out this Cassatta Ice Cream. There are 2 flavors available, the saffron (yellow) and pistachio (green). I liked both of the flavors as they were light, but then again, it was too light to taste any specific flavors. I would probably prefer it if the flavor was a lot more bolder.

We have had an awesome dinner here, and of course we were so satisfied with everything being served from the beginning until the end!
We would also like to have you experience these super-licious dishes here, of course with some surprises up our sleeves! Reserve Queen's Tandoor online via www.makanluar.com using my exclusive voucher code "alexxrex", and you can stand a chance to win a dining voucher worth IDR 500,000-!

Permata Plaza Lantai Basement
Jl. MH. Thamrin Kav. 57
Jakarta Pusat, DKI Jakarta 10350
Phone:+62 21 3903287

Opening Hours:
11:30 AM – 3:00 PM, 5:30 – 10:30 PM

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