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Nasi Padang; it is a dish originated from Padang, the capital city of West Sumatra, Indonesia. Nasi Padang is a Padang steamed rice served with various choices of pre-cooked dishes such as the famous beef rendang, curry chicken, stewed greens, chili eggplants, fried beef lungs, curried fish, curried beef liver, tripe, intestines, or foot tendons, and of course, sambal!

The Nasi Padang is usually served in 2 different ways, one is where you order the side dishes that you want from the display window directly on the counter (They usually have all of the pre-cooked dishes displayed in a glass window up front), and the other one is where the waiter / waitress with stacked plates upon their hands would bring in all of the dishes in small plates up to your table where you can take your time in choosing which dishes you would like to consume.


So I would assume that you have already known the concept of Nasi Padang by now (If you haven't before).

Here at Sari Bagindo, they have created a whole new experience on how one would normally perceive the Nasi Padang as. The rice of the Nasi Padang here comes in 4 different colors, white, yellow, green and red, each with their own unique taste and fragrance.

The white rice is the everyday plain rice that we normally know, whereas the yellow one is mixed with turmeric, giving it a more unique flavor and fragrance. And then we have the green rice, made by mixing in the pandan leaf, which has been well known for it's fragrant smell and commonly used for various savory dishes and sweet desserts. Lastly we have the red rice, made with tomatoes that taste fresh.

Of course, your appetite would not be whipped with only rice on your plate, and this is where we get to the famous side dishes of Nasi Padang which are rich in flavors and seasonings.

Here at Sari Bagindo, you can find most of the common dishes that you would find at any other Padang restaurants. The flavor of the spices are pretty nice, but they're somehow around average for me.

What's so great about Nasi Padang  is undoubtedly the taste of the spices and the hotness of sambal. Whichever one you are craving for, Sari Bagindo provides a wide variety of sambals to choose from. Just pick one or two or more and VOILAAAH!

Here's what I got for my lunch, a piece of boiled chicken, cassava leaves, omelette, and some crackers to go along with the Nasi 4 Rasa (4 flavored rice). What would you like to have?

Sari Bagindo also provides a special package for you guys who would like to try the Nasi 4 Rasa! For IDR 39k++, you can enjoy the Nasi 4 Rasa along with a piece of chicken + vegetables + crackers + sambal.

Sari Bagindo
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