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Within the list of restaurants from Ismaya Group, which has been well known for their interesting restaurant concepts, Publik Markette has just launched a range of new brunch-special dishes on their menu several weeks ago.

In case you haven't known Publik Markette yet, it is a restaurant that caters to various dishes, mostly with Western cuisines dominating their menu. The restaurant itself is located in the East Mall of Grand Indonesia Shopping Town, right in front of NOMZ and near Union Deli.


I'm pretty sure with the release of this new brunch menu, Publik Markette has definitely sparked some interests within some of you guys. This brunch is only available on every Sundays, from 11 AM to 3 PM.

A quick spoiler on the brunch menus; let me just tell you that almost all of the dishes tasted so HEAVENLY! I mean like seriously, dude, it was pretty hard for me to choose which one was significantly better than the rest. It was a very tight competition between one another, and it all comes down to every single people's own preferences in the end.

Now, without any further ado, let us see the new brunch dishes that has just been launched by Publik Markette down below!

Southeast Asian Benedict - IDR 125k
First up, as the appetizer, the soft shell crab & homemade sweet chili sauce feels like a bomb already! The soft shell crab was crunchy in-and-out, the flavor also tasted like it has been seasoned really nicely. The poached egg which was served along with the crab truly deserves another round of applause as well, nicely poached without any strong vinegar smells, and the egg yolk was so smooth and creamy to the core.

Frittaffle - IDR 65k
Again, do I have to repeat myself on how good the poached eggs are? I'm pretty sure I can give you my word that the poached eggs served here are SUH-PERB! With poached egg, bacon, cheddar and slap yo' mama sauce, this Frittaffle (Frittata & Waffle) is awesome without any doubts, as it is all crispy, buttery, fragrant and feels so rich upon slipping inside your mouth.

Lord of Bacon - IDR 135k
BOW DOWN TO THE LORD! Ham, bacon, pork belly, spam and Arnold sauce with fried egg, you name it, they have it.

Okay, probably not everything that you're thinking inside your mind, or anything that you're about to name out, but they do have a whole lot of toppings that they serve the burger along with. Looks glorious? Yes, indeed. Does it taste as glorious? WELL, YES DUH!

And to top things off with a bonus, have I mentioned that the fries here at Publik Markette is simply marvelous? I absolutely love their seasoning, it's finger-licking-good!

Cinnamon Swirl French Toast - IDR 65k
For the dessert part, first up we got the Cinnamon Swirl French Toast. With peanut butter ice cream and mint butter spread right beside the toast, everything looks so nicely put within their places. 

Peanut butter sounds lovely, but I'm not quite sure that peanut butter ice cream is my kind-of-thing. You know, when going for desserts, I would prefer something sweet and refreshing or probably something lighter. Unlike peanut butter ice cream, which might taste greasy for some people.

Toast-wise, I loved how bold the scent of the cinnamon is, it was just so fragrant. The texture of the toast was pretty soft too. Fair enough.

Then again, back to the peanut butter ice cream, I do suppose that the ice cream would go well together with the toast there. I don't know, it's still just not my thing.

Monkey Business - IDR 55k
As the name has explained a part of the dish, Monkey Business would undoubtedly have banana as one of its main toppings. In whole, this dessert consists of chocolate, banana and cheese waffle along with peanut butter ice cream. I felt that the ice cream tasted better here, probably because the greasy flavor was camouflaged by other toppings as well. Who knows?

But now I have realized that the peanut butter ice cream do give out an exquisite fragrance that other ice creams would never have been able to emit. I guess that's one of the reasons why it is actually used quite a lot.

I'd say that I prefer this Monkey Business dessert more, but hey, it's just a matter of my own personal preference and you are entitled to your own opinion as well.

P.S. I do love peanut butter, and I do love ice cream. But I would probably have preferred them being separated as they are that way.


Summer Super Bowl - IDR 65k
Who ever said that healthy foods cannot taste good? This Summer Super Bowl has definitely proved that wrong. With mixed granola w/ berries compote, chia seeds, nuts, honey yogurt & milk, this bowl brings you the sensation of both sweet and fresh flavors into your mouth. You can also add in a wine poached pear for the price of IDR 10k, of which I do HIGHLY RECOMMEND! The pear was juicy and sweet, it is truly something not to be missed.

The texture play within this dish was no joke, you are guaranteed to get the crunchiness, the soft and creamy textures, the juicy berries, and everything!

Grand Indonesia Shopping Town, Ground Level, East Mall
Jl. MH.Thamrin No. 1
Jakarta Pusat, DKI Jakarta 10310
Phone: (021) 23580001

Opening Hours:
10.00AM - 10.00PM

WiFi: Available

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