Tenya Tempura Tendon New Menu Launch October 2015, Mall Taman Anggrek - Jakarta

Tenya Tempura Tendon is the number 1 most successful Tendon restaurant chain in Japan. It specializes in serving Tendon - Japanese Rice Bowls Topped with Tempura. And now this restaurant is brought here to Indonesia by Asia Culinary Inc. Pte. Ltd, a Singapore based company owned by Indonesian, with Cilandak Town Square as their 1st outlet back in June 2014.

Now at present time, they have expanded several more outlets respectively in Grand Indonesia in December 2014 and Mal Taman Anggrek in March 2015.

As most of you guys might have already known, Tenya is famous for their Tempura Rice Bowls, but my visit to Tenya this time isn't for their specialty Tempura Rice Bowls, but for some of the new menus that they have just recently launched. So, here's a quick look of some of the dishes that we have tried during the night.

Publik Markette, Markette to Table Brunch; Sunday Brunch Specials - Jakarta

Within the list of restaurants from Ismaya Group, which has been well known for their interesting restaurant concepts, Publik Markette has just launched a range of new brunch-special dishes on their menu several weeks ago.

In case you haven't known Publik Markette yet, it is a restaurant that caters to various dishes, mostly with Western cuisines dominating their menu. The restaurant itself is located in the East Mall of Grand Indonesia Shopping Town, right in front of NOMZ and near Union Deli.

Hawaiian Bistro, Grand Indonesia - Jakarta

Aloha! pehea 'oukou? I'm sure you guys must have already known about Hawaii, an isolated volcanic archipelago in the U.S. state, famous for their amazing tropical ambience with beaches and rugged landscapes.

Here at Hawaiian Bistro, they are bringing you that exact vibe of a typical tropical night by the beach through the decor and murals. With dim lighting, this place does make you feel a lot more relaxed and just right to chill out, relax, and chat with your friends or whoever you're there with.

Cortado Coffee Bar by VISUU - Jakarta

Most of the cafes in Jakarta as we know it usually have a very different design to Cortado Coffee Bar, it is unique and different, as the interior seemingly brings you back to the 50s with most of the interior covered in the shade of black color from sofa and the chair, wooden flooring, and a lot of painting displays on the wall.

The place itself is pretty small but it is also comfortable. Even though there were some road constructions going on outside the place at that time, we couldn't hear any of the noises from inside.