Plaza Indonesia Men's Fashion Week 2015: Fred Perry, Rococo, Ben Sherman #PIMFW15

The first day of Plaza Indonesia Men's Fashion Week this year kick-started with the looks from Fred Perry, Rococo, and Ben Sherman.

Following the success of their show last year, the #PIMFW15 has managed to rail in so much interest from all of the fashion enthusiasts in town. Located at the Multi-function Hall on the 2nd floor of Plaza Indonesia, the shows are set to start from either 5.30PM or 6.30PM onward.

The theme that Fred Perry went for this show was British Heritage, which launches the #PIMFW15 to an official start. The show let us knew the story of how Fred Perry started as a brand and various subcultures through the ages, from Teds to Rockers, Mods to Skinhead, Acid House to Britpop.

The show begins with a Tennis Match, played by @dimasbeck and @fedinuril.

Some of the looks from Fred Perry's British Heritage:

After 30 minutes of break and preparation, the show resumed with Rococo's Chaos and the Calm show. It started with a fairly loud music probably signifying the Chaos part of the show and here we have it! Take a look at some of the looks from Rococo during that night.

Last show of the night was "Button Up" by Ben Sherman. Buttoning up has been done to Ben Sherman shirts since 1963. It gives a touch that usually exudes Britishness and personal pride. It also makes the shirt look more sharp and is also a way to finish up a look.

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