JKTGO's 2nd Anniversary at Bottega Ristorante

For those of you who stays in Jakarta, I'm pretty sure that most of you guys have already heard of the name @JKTGO before. Yes, JKTGO is the newest online directory to the city of Jakarta, the leading site and community for the most updated information on new places and events in Jakarta, from what to try, where to eat, and what to do.

During September 18th, JKTGO has just celebrated their 2nd anniversary! It has also been a year since they have launched the Jakarta Society, a community for those who contributes in finding new places and updating information on events which are happening in Jakarta.

The anniversary was celebrated at the venue; Bottega Ristorante. Located at Menara Bank Danamon, South Jakarta. The dinner was supposed to start on 7PM sharp, as stated on the invitation, but knowing how Jakarta's traffic is, the dinner started a bit later from the schedule. Which was not that bad at all, I'd say! Why so? If you might ask, it is because I was also late upon arriving there with my friends. 

Hahaha, typical.

Jakarta's traffic bruh.

Long story cut short, we arrived just in time when dinner was about to be served. I went there with 2 of my friends, Alvian and Quincy, but unfortunately our seats weren't set at the same table so we just had to sit separately at different tables for the dinner. Meanwhile, I was arranged to sit with some of my old friends, which is awesome too! It has been quite a while since I've last seen them, we sure got a lot to catch up about.

VIP Dinner; Appetizer, Main Course, Dessert.

Appetizer has been served, it was a bowl of pumpkin soup. And I was immediately like, GREAT, I'm famished! And so I started to dig in. Not long after that though, one of the waitresses came over and took it away even before I was finished with it while I was chatting away with my friends, probably because they were about to serve the main course already.

I was hungry, thank goodness the main course didn't take long to come out and I enjoyed the salmon until I was done with it. Upon finishing, a waitress came up to me, presumably the one that cleared my plate up from before, and apologized while she cleared the table. I suppose she heard me grumbling earlier before. Now that I'm full and my mood has gotten better, I kind of feel bad for grumbling somehow. In any case, she sure seems nice and didn't mean that to happen.

For dessert, we had a Tiramisu, which was pretty good in my opinion, at least it was the best one of the night.

Time passed very quickly as we exchanged words and laughter to one another during the whole night. Then suddenly Ian, one of the owners of JKTGO asked each and every single one of us for a toast to celebrate the 2nd anniversary of JKTGO, so off we go! CHEERS and here's to wishing a great future ahead for JKTGO and all of us!

The night went on and leads directly toward the after-party of the anniversary dinner! Free flow drinks supported by BERINGER and BACARDI.

When the after-party started, the crowd became a lot merrier. Tables were put to the sides for more spaces to dance and everything. And more people came along to the restaurant for the after-party event.

We had a blast at Bottega Ristorante that night! And seems like everyone else felt so too. Cheers!

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