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Another establishment by Nomi Inc., FrontPage Wine & Dine is a mix of restaurant and bar that serves a variety of  Continental and modern fusion Chinese Indian cuisines (or as I would prefer calling it as Chindian cuisines). I am pretty much a big fan of Chinese dishes as well as Indian dishes, so this fusion sounds like so freakin' awesome to me.

The restaurant's wine and dine experience is enhanced with a classic ambience styled along with a collection of old international magazines' front pages, spread across the bar and restaurant area. The restaurant is mainly divided into 2 areas, upon entering the main entrance, on the right side is the bar and lounge area while taking a few steps down the stairs to the left is the dining area with larger tables. There is also an exclusive private VIP room located right beside the dining area if you would prefer to have some of your own space during dining or for a business meeting in the restaurant.

The restaurant is seemingly suitable to satisfy both the markets of people who would like to chill and hang around in the evening as well as for the families to have their lunch or dinner.

While looking around the restaurant, my eyes have caught something hanging on the wall. Turns out it is a certificate from Indonesia Tatler, indicating that FrontPage Wine & Dine has been acclaimed as one of Indonesia's best restaurants for its exceptional cuisine and service during the year of 2009.

This has certainly raised my expectations to another level. I am definitely looking forward to the foods that are going to be served, yum yum.


Now off to the foods that we have been waiting for, first up is the Chicken Quesadillas, tortilla flour filled with chicken and cheddar cheese served with tomato salsa.

Chicken Quesadillas - IDR 65k

To me, this dish is very well done. The chicken is tender and the tomato salsa brings up a fresh taste to the quesadillas. It serves very well as an appetizer or simply something to snack on along with your companions.

Next up, we have the Paneer Cabe Kering, fried cubes of cottage cheese tossed in dry chilis.

Paneer Cabe Kering - IDR 70k

With a texture as soft as tofu, I actually thought that this dish was indeed a tofu! And turns out it was actually cubed cottage cheese. A pretty good snack, but nothing more than that I suppose.

And currently for the Chindian dish that I have mentioned before. We have the Chicken Crispy, which is crispy pieces of  boneless fried chicken coated with corn flour and dipped in sweet and sour sauce.

Chicken Crispy - IDR85k

How should I describe how this tastes like? Hmmm.. Well, if I simply put it, IT IS JUST GORGEOUS! If that makes any sense to you in any way. Most of my friends know that I like foods which are easy to eat (in a way, boneless), and dishes that are served in sweet and sour sauce are my all-time favourites! The sauce is thick and every single pieces of the meat are well-covered evenly. Not to mention how crispy when it gets into your mouth.

Another fusion dish is the Egg Szechuan Fried Rice served along with Lamb Chili Dry, the fried rice is simply basmati rice with fresh onion leaves and eggs cooked in szechuan sauce. It is fragrant, but yet nothing too special to top it off. Now, the lamb is the deal, the lamb pieces are boneless and roasted for a tender texture, then cooked with chilies, chopped garlic, ginger, and soya sauce. As you can probably guess from the ingredients put, the lamb is bound to turn out fragrant and rich.

These two dishes go really well with each other, whereas the rich flavour of the lamb compliments the delicate taste of the rice, and the rice does not overpower the lamb.

Egg Szechuan Fried Rice - IDR 75k
Lamb Chili Dry

One of the Indian dishes that I absolutely love is the Naan bread, so next up on this post is the combination of Butter Naan, Roomali Roti, and Butter Chicken as the dip.

The Naan bread is undoubtedly good! The texture was nice as in soft and slightly chewy. While the Roomali Roti didn't seem to appeal much to me, probably because all of my attention and love has been stolen by the Butter Naan. The Butter Chicken was aromatic and totally perfect to top the breads off. It can also be eaten along with some rice if you might prefer it that way.

Butter Chicken - IDR 85k // Roomali Roti - IDR 25k // Butter Naan - IDR 20k

For dessert, we had the everyone's favourite; Chocolate Fondant Lava Cake. Always a perfect way to end a hearty meal and satisfy your pallate. Just cut the strawberry syrup out and it would have been perfect

Chocolate Fondant - IDR 45k


Some of the refreshing drinks that we had during lunch were respectively Virgin Strawberry Margarita, Nimbu Panni, and Lychee Martini.

Left to Right; Virgin Strawberry Margarita - IDR 60k // Nimbu Panni - IDR 40k // Lychee Martini - IDR 95k

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