Quick hangout at Ombe Kofie

These past few weeks have been pretty stressful as I was having a battle for my final exam of the 6th semester of university, and there were also several other stuffs that bothered me. Nevertheless, I suppose I managed to pull through.

So to make things better again, one of my friends have been planning to visit Jakarta from Bandung, and we decided to catch up when he arrived in town. We didn't plan much as he would only be here for a day. We decided to hang out at a coffee shop around the North area, which is Ombe Kofie around the afternoon.

I was thinking about dropping by Central Park Mall beforehand to switch the pair of shoes that I bought around two days ago. Why? I suppose that would be the question that pops up by the time you read this.
I was supposed to buy the pair which is 42 in size, and I took them. So what's wrong then? Apparently the one that I saw was indeed 42, but the other half of the pair was 43! GASP!

I didn't even realize it until I got home. Even after I got home, I didn't pay any attention to it. And was so frustrated when I saw it, which means more work and it would be troublesome if the storekeeper couldn't find the other correct half.

Thank goodness when I called the store, the staff said that the other pair is still there. Which meant that I can just switch it later on when I visit the store. Phew!

Back to the topic, as I was getting ready to drop by Central Park Mall first, my friend told me that he needs to go back to Bandung by 4.45 PM. So I went ahead to Ombe Kofie directly, bringing along the unmatched pair. We didn't really have any much time to spare there, as it was already 3 PM. Every moment spent there was fun! The place was pretty crowded at that time but we still got a pretty good spot inside anyway.
The Simple Coffee shot.
From Left to Right; Michelle, Johan, Me

We didn't really have any much time to spare there, so we rushed around 4.10 PM for Johan to get to his travel bus back to Bandung. Unfortunately, we didn't make it anyway. So he needed to stay a night here at Jakarta,
The good news is, he could take another bus the next day after the travel agency called and we could still hang out in the evening. HAHAHA!

And so, we went ahead to Central Park to spend the rest of the evening there. Sure wished that we could have spent some more time for the day though.

Clockwise; Johan, Alex (me), Josephine, Michelle
Regards from us! :)

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