Pancious Nuovo Menu Launch with Grazia - A Grande Luncheon

Pancious has got to be one of my favorite restaurants in town. Renowned for their delicious pancakes and pastas, Pancious is now launching more menu selections for their dearest customers! This new menu is going to be launched on May 4th, 2015. Please do look forward to it!

To celebrate the launch of their new menu, also called as "Pancious Nuovo Menu", they held a private lunch event called "A Grande Luncheon" in collaboration with Grazia. This lunch event was held at one of Pancious' existing outlets located in Pacific Place Mall, SCBD.

The event mainly consisted of a dessert styling competition, new menu introduction, and a food tasting session.
First up, let's get to the dessert styling session. Personally, I thought that it was pretty fun, we get to choose a selection of waffles or mille-crepes as our main theme for the styling. And they also provided some sprinkles, peanuts, chocolate sauce, etc. for us to show our creativity.
I chose the mille-crepes as I totally LOVE mille-crepes! Yes, they're one of my favorite cakes.
Here was what I came up with for the styling session:

I went ahead for some waffles to fill in the spaces on the plate as well. There were lots of beautiful and cute creations by other participants in the event as well, I felt inferior upon seeing what the others came up with. So, please do tell me what do you think about it?

Cut to the chase, we know what we've been waiting for on this event. It's the food tasting session! There were 6 new menus said to be launched, which includes 5 savory courses and 1 dessert.
List of the dishes are: Roast Chicken Porcini, Pasta Truffle Cream, Chicken Balsamic Risotto, Fried Mushroom, Bacon & Onion Burger, and Walnut Crunch.

Clockwise; Chicken Balsamic Risotto (86k), Pasta Truffle Cream (70k), Roast Chicken Porcini (95k), Fried Mushroom (36k)
A quick run on these new dishes served, the Chicken Balsamic Risotto is a creamy risotto topped with juicy grilled chicken breast glazed with balsamic reduction. To me personally, the risotto was amazing! It was really rich in flavors and creamy just how I like it.

Next up, the Pasta Truffle Cream is pasta with truffle cream, topped with loads of fresh mushrooms. The fragrance of the truffle oil is definitely a winner. And since pasta is one of my favorite dishes, I might be biased, but this has got to be my favorite dish of the day! Would certainly order this again the next time I visit Pancious.

Third one up is the Roast Chicken Porcini, a succulent roasted chicken leg with porcini mushroom sauce. The chicken was well-seasoned, and smells good with some herbal fragrances, But the texture was a bit dry for my taste though.

And then, we have the Fried Mushroom, it is basically some fresh champignon mushroom being breaded into snacks. What I love about this, was the freshness of the mushroom that still stays around even after deep-frying it. And another plus point was the dip, the mushrooms were served along with chili-mayo dipping sauce which was really appetizing.

Bacon & Onion Burger (88k)
The last savory dish that Pancious had prepared for their new menu is the Bacon & Onion Burger. Speaking of bacon, who doesn't love it? I'm sure for those who had already tried freshly made bacon before can imagine how fragrant it is and how rich the flavor is inside your mouth. It is simply umami! Now, on this dish, the bacon itself is mixed with some onions and topped above the patty, which totally increases the fragrance to another level. Of course with bacon, it is undoubtedly good. But the Panini bun and patty used for the burger was a bit too dry to complement the awesomeness of the bacon though, which was quite disappointing. I'm sure that if the patty is juicier, the whole taste would be great.

Walnut Crunch Pancake (42k)
Lastly, it is time for dessert! Here at Pancious, of course the most popular thing here is the pancakes. Pancious has always been well-known for their light and fluffy pancakes, and also on the variety of choices that they provide for their pancake menus. This newly added dessert though, didn't seem to catch my interest that much. Probably because the flavor was a bit too plain and the smell of the walnut was a bit unsuitable (might be my own personal preference though), it is definitely not what I was expecting for. The pancake itself is fine, still as fluffy as always. For those of you who doesn't like sweet desserts that much, this might just be the right dessert for you.

I certainly had enjoyed my time during this "A Grande Luncheon" event by Pancious in collaboration with Grazia. The new menus which are going to be launched by Pancious is definitely worth looking forward to! You can try them out at every single Pancious outlets starting from May 4th, 2015. Enjoy!

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  1. This luncheon is so amazing. I just loved the food arrangements. Few days ago went to my sister’s luncheon that she arranged at one of Venues in San Francisco. Best arrangements were done. It was so good to be there and I had enjoyed a lot.