Silent Hero(es) 2015 - Movie

Speaking about Indonesia, there are a lot of cultures incorporated all around within this country, including some Chinese cultures from the Chinese descends in the country as well. To celebrate the Chinese New Year and Cap Go Meh this year, Duckochan Pictures has collaborated with DSLR Cinematography Indonesia to produce the first movie in Indonesia with Mandarin language, Silent Hero(es) - 2015. Of which, I was featured in this movie as well. :D

This movie talks about Yunia a.k.a Yong Yong, a university student from Singkawang who have always liked Lion Dance ever since she was a little kid. Her dad wanted to separate her from all of these things related to Lion Dance, and thus sent her to Jakarta.
But her love towards Lion Dance made her join a Lion Dance club led by Mr. Fang when she met Ernest a.k.a Ah Cheng. They had the same dream, which is to make Indonesia proud through Lion Dance.

Screening starts from March 5th, 2015 at local Cinemas.
This Movie is Produced by Duckochan Pictures, supported by DSLR Cinematography Indonesia and Sigma Lenses.

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