A Queen's Worth of Meal at Queen's Tandoor - Jakarta ( Psst; Stand a Chance to Win Something AWESOME!)

As a restaurant that has been around for decades since 1986, Queen's Tandoor has definitely lived up to their reputation and deserved the customers crowding the restaurant.
With 2 branches in Jakarta, and 4 in Bali, Queen's Tandoor serves a variety of Indian & Fusion cuisines and has definitely made a HUGE name for themselves in the catering industry.

Nasi 4 Rasa; Sari Bagindo - Jakarta

Nasi Padang; it is a dish originated from Padang, the capital city of West Sumatra, Indonesia. Nasi Padang is a Padang steamed rice served with various choices of pre-cooked dishes such as the famous beef rendang, curry chicken, stewed greens, chili eggplants, fried beef lungs, curried fish, curried beef liver, tripe, intestines, or foot tendons, and of course, sambal!

The Nasi Padang is usually served in 2 different ways, one is where you order the side dishes that you want from the display window directly on the counter (They usually have all of the pre-cooked dishes displayed in a glass window up front), and the other one is where the waiter / waitress with stacked plates upon their hands would bring in all of the dishes in small plates up to your table where you can take your time in choosing which dishes you would like to consume.


So I would assume that you have already known the concept of Nasi Padang by now (If you haven't before).

Here at Sari Bagindo, they have created a whole new experience on how one would normally perceive the Nasi Padang as. The rice of the Nasi Padang here comes in 4 different colors, white, yellow, green and red, each with their own unique taste and fragrance.

The white rice is the everyday plain rice that we normally know, whereas the yellow one is mixed with turmeric, giving it a more unique flavor and fragrance. And then we have the green rice, made by mixing in the pandan leaf, which has been well known for it's fragrant smell and commonly used for various savory dishes and sweet desserts. Lastly we have the red rice, made with tomatoes that taste fresh.

Of course, your appetite would not be whipped with only rice on your plate, and this is where we get to the famous side dishes of Nasi Padang which are rich in flavors and seasonings.

Here at Sari Bagindo, you can find most of the common dishes that you would find at any other Padang restaurants. The flavor of the spices are pretty nice, but they're somehow around average for me.

What's so great about Nasi Padang  is undoubtedly the taste of the spices and the hotness of sambal. Whichever one you are craving for, Sari Bagindo provides a wide variety of sambals to choose from. Just pick one or two or more and VOILAAAH!

Here's what I got for my lunch, a piece of boiled chicken, cassava leaves, omelette, and some crackers to go along with the Nasi 4 Rasa (4 flavored rice). What would you like to have?

Sari Bagindo also provides a special package for you guys who would like to try the Nasi 4 Rasa! For IDR 39k++, you can enjoy the Nasi 4 Rasa along with a piece of chicken + vegetables + crackers + sambal.

Sari Bagindo
Kuningan City, LG Fl
Jl. Prof. Dr. Satrio Kav. 18
Setiabudi, Jakarta Selatan, Jakarta, Indonesia, 12940 

WiFi: Available

Opening Hours:
10.00AM - 10.00PM

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Tenya Tempura Tendon New Menu Launch October 2015, Mall Taman Anggrek - Jakarta

Tenya Tempura Tendon is the number 1 most successful Tendon restaurant chain in Japan. It specializes in serving Tendon - Japanese Rice Bowls Topped with Tempura. And now this restaurant is brought here to Indonesia by Asia Culinary Inc. Pte. Ltd, a Singapore based company owned by Indonesian, with Cilandak Town Square as their 1st outlet back in June 2014.

Now at present time, they have expanded several more outlets respectively in Grand Indonesia in December 2014 and Mal Taman Anggrek in March 2015.

As most of you guys might have already known, Tenya is famous for their Tempura Rice Bowls, but my visit to Tenya this time isn't for their specialty Tempura Rice Bowls, but for some of the new menus that they have just recently launched. So, here's a quick look of some of the dishes that we have tried during the night.

Publik Markette, Markette to Table Brunch; Sunday Brunch Specials - Jakarta

Within the list of restaurants from Ismaya Group, which has been well known for their interesting restaurant concepts, Publik Markette has just launched a range of new brunch-special dishes on their menu several weeks ago.

In case you haven't known Publik Markette yet, it is a restaurant that caters to various dishes, mostly with Western cuisines dominating their menu. The restaurant itself is located in the East Mall of Grand Indonesia Shopping Town, right in front of NOMZ and near Union Deli.

Hawaiian Bistro, Grand Indonesia - Jakarta

Aloha! pehea 'oukou? I'm sure you guys must have already known about Hawaii, an isolated volcanic archipelago in the U.S. state, famous for their amazing tropical ambience with beaches and rugged landscapes.

Here at Hawaiian Bistro, they are bringing you that exact vibe of a typical tropical night by the beach through the decor and murals. With dim lighting, this place does make you feel a lot more relaxed and just right to chill out, relax, and chat with your friends or whoever you're there with.

Cortado Coffee Bar by VISUU - Jakarta

Most of the cafes in Jakarta as we know it usually have a very different design to Cortado Coffee Bar, it is unique and different, as the interior seemingly brings you back to the 50s with most of the interior covered in the shade of black color from sofa and the chair, wooden flooring, and a lot of painting displays on the wall.

The place itself is pretty small but it is also comfortable. Even though there were some road constructions going on outside the place at that time, we couldn't hear any of the noises from inside.

Plaza Indonesia Men's Fashion Week 2015: Adamist, Antony Morato #PIMFW15

The 2nd day of the #PIMFW15 features one of my most favorite local brand, Adamist, with the "The Convict" for the title of their show. As usual, Adamist have a very minimal and classy look with a touch of elegance to their designs.

As how the title of the show tells us, the show started strong with the models being The Convicts standing behind some steel bars.

Plaza Indonesia Men's Fashion Week 2015: Fred Perry, Rococo, Ben Sherman #PIMFW15

The first day of Plaza Indonesia Men's Fashion Week this year kick-started with the looks from Fred Perry, Rococo, and Ben Sherman.

Following the success of their show last year, the #PIMFW15 has managed to rail in so much interest from all of the fashion enthusiasts in town. Located at the Multi-function Hall on the 2nd floor of Plaza Indonesia, the shows are set to start from either 5.30PM or 6.30PM onward.

JKTGO's 2nd Anniversary at Bottega Ristorante

For those of you who stays in Jakarta, I'm pretty sure that most of you guys have already heard of the name @JKTGO before. Yes, JKTGO is the newest online directory to the city of Jakarta, the leading site and community for the most updated information on new places and events in Jakarta, from what to try, where to eat, and what to do.

During September 18th, JKTGO has just celebrated their 2nd anniversary! It has also been a year since they have launched the Jakarta Society, a community for those who contributes in finding new places and updating information on events which are happening in Jakarta.

The anniversary was celebrated at the venue; Bottega Ristorante. Located at Menara Bank Danamon, South Jakarta. The dinner was supposed to start on 7PM sharp, as stated on the invitation, but knowing how Jakarta's traffic is, the dinner started a bit later from the schedule. Which was not that bad at all, I'd say! Why so? If you might ask, it is because I was also late upon arriving there with my friends. 

Hahaha, typical.

Jakarta's traffic bruh.

Long story cut short, we arrived just in time when dinner was about to be served. I went there with 2 of my friends, Alvian and Quincy, but unfortunately our seats weren't set at the same table so we just had to sit separately at different tables for the dinner. Meanwhile, I was arranged to sit with some of my old friends, which is awesome too! It has been quite a while since I've last seen them, we sure got a lot to catch up about.

VIP Dinner; Appetizer, Main Course, Dessert.

FrontPage Wine & Dine, Plaza Gani Djemat - Jakarta

Another establishment by Nomi Inc., FrontPage Wine & Dine is a mix of restaurant and bar that serves a variety of  Continental and modern fusion Chinese Indian cuisines (or as I would prefer calling it as Chindian cuisines). I am pretty much a big fan of Chinese dishes as well as Indian dishes, so this fusion sounds like so freakin' awesome to me.

The restaurant's wine and dine experience is enhanced with a classic ambience styled along with a collection of old international magazines' front pages, spread across the bar and restaurant area. The restaurant is mainly divided into 2 areas, upon entering the main entrance, on the right side is the bar and lounge area while taking a few steps down the stairs to the left is the dining area with larger tables. There is also an exclusive private VIP room located right beside the dining area if you would prefer to have some of your own space during dining or for a business meeting in the restaurant.


Located in the southwestern Pacific Ocean, New Zealand is a country consisting of 2 main islands, both marked by volcanoes and glaciation. The capital of the country, Wellington, is home to Te Papa Tongarewa, the national museum and art gallery of New Zealand. Wellington's impressive Mt. Victoria and the South Island's Fiordland as well as the stunning Southern Lakes stood in for mythical Middle Earth in Peter Jackson's "Lord of the Rings" films.

To promote the beauty of New Zealand, the New Zealand Tourism Board has organized a competition worth thousands of dollars. Every single family can participate in this competition, which is to upload a video, explaining why New Zealand is the best choice for your next family vacation destination. This video has to be uploaded to New Zealand Tourism's microsite, www.newzealand.com/nzfamilytrip along with the hashtag #NZFamilyTrip.

The competition starts from August 27th until October 9th, 2015. You can access the microsite by the link above or simply by clicking here.

A few months ago, the New Zealand Tourism Board has also launched a digital campaign with the theme; "Everyday a Different Journey". The video showcases various activities and experiences offered by New Zealand, which you can easily enjoy thanks to the close distance between one place and another.

As shown on the video above, you can find plenty of fun filled adventures or purely relax and enjoy what the nature has got to offer. From kayaking in majestic Milford Sound at Fiordland, uncovering secrets at the Hobbiton film set in Hamilton-Waikato, enjoying the diverse urban landscapes of Auckland city, and many more!

How Can I Join?

Follow these simple steps below and get your chance on winning a 7 DAYS TRIP TO NEW ZEALAND with your family members! (Valid for 6 people)

1. Create a family video as interesting as possible with any gadgets or cameras on why you would like to go to New Zealand.
2. Upload the video to YouTube and fill in the registration form for the whole family along with the URL of your video at http://www.newzealand.com/nzfamilytrip before October 8th, 2015.
3. Get as many likes as you can by sharing your video to your social medias with the hashtag #NZFamilyTrip
4. The chosen participants will be informed on October 14th, 2015 for further interviews and the winning family will be informed before October 30th, 2015.
5. The winner will fly with Singapore Airlines in early November 2015 for an unforgettable one-week journey to New Zealand.

There will also be another special surprise waiting for the winning team in New Zealand. So, what are you waiting for? Make your moves quickly and grab your winning tickets to New Zealand ASAP!

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Last day in Medan; Leaving Taman Simalem Resort and leaving Medan

After so much fun and joy staying at Taman Simalem Resort for 2 nights and 2 days, the time has finally come for us to leave. It was also our last day in Medan, so we planned to drop by several places as we leave before catching our flight in the evening.

We have certainly had so much fun and memories to keep while we were here. From sightseeing around the mountains, playing games, catching sunrise, eating the local organic vegetables, playing the flying fox, etc.


We woke up in the morning around 7AM, and guess what?! The weather and sky outside was crystal clear. Finally! We were so excited that the sky finally cleared out, which means we could take better photos of the scenery and everything.

We tidied ourselves up first and packed our stuffs first before heading for breakfast. In case you might be curious on how our room looks like, here is a preview for you. The room has a full-sized window that is faced directly towards the Lake Toba and also a small balcony outside where you can sit and enjoy the breeze.

Look at how lovely the scenery is without all of the fog! Everything just looks so clear and awesome from this distance. This is the view that we got from outside of our balcony, we can directly see the edge of the lake and a small village beside it, also the mountain roads and landscape around the area. If only the sky has been clear since the first day we arrived..

After leaving the resort, we headed towards a Buddhist temple called Taman Lumbini, which is said to be the tallest and grandest pagoda in Indonesia, located not far away from Taman Simalem Resort. Taman Lumbini is covered in a bright gold color and it has a similar style with the Shwedagon Pagoda in Myanmar.

Fun Staycation at Taman Simalem Resort, Medan

On the 2nd day at Medan, we prepared ourselves to visit the famous "Lake Toba" located outside of Medan, it is the largest volcanic lake in the world and is in Sumatra. The lake is so big that it has an island within the center of the lake, called Samosir Island. But, we're not exactly heading towards the lake itself, to get a better view of the lake, we went towards Taman Simalem Resort, a resort area located on a mountain next to the magnificent lake. We were sure enough, the view has got to be a whole lot better from above.

We took off from Medan around 2 PM, and the journey took us more or less around 3 to 4 hours of car ride. It is a long way to go from Medan to the resort, and the traffic was pretty much f***ed up. Road signs weren't much of a help either, we had to ask around the locals for directions as we kept on getting lost throughout the intersections. But we somehow managed to arrive earlier since we exceeded the usual speed limits though.

We planned on catching the sunset on the mountain by the time we get there. But unfortunately, the sun has already set even when we were still on our way there. So we just went ahead to our room to put all of our stuffs down and head for dinner before having an early rest after the long mountain ride.

So yeah, forget about the sunset, we're gonna rest early and prepare for an early morning the next day to catch the sunrise!


Early morning at Taman Simalem Resort, we woke up at approximately 5.20 AM, while getting ready to set off to catch the sunrise, we checked online to find out that the sunrise will be seen on 6.30 AM that morning, that gives us enough time to prepare ourselves to see the sunrise.

We got out of our room at 6.00 AM only to find out that the weather wasn't really that good and everything was foggy. We couldn't really do anything much besides praying and hoping that the fog would clear out as soon as possible. Seriously, our chance of seeing the sunrise has just gotten thinner.

Upon arriving at One Tree Hill, the said to be the best spot to catch the sunrise, the fog has subsided a bit, but it's still there, covering most of the lovely view of Lake Toba. We just sat inside the car while waiting for the sky to get brighter. And as time passes on, more cars arrive one by one, supposedly to catch the sunrise as well.

And since it was August 17th, which is also Indonesia's Independence Day. We celebrated it by bringing the flag all the way up there! The feeling was pretty good and as we brought the flag around, another group of tourists also borrowed the flag to take some photos.

Yeah, so in the end, we didn't manage to catch the sunrise, but we still took some photos there anyway. Afterwards, we head on back to the hotel to have our breakfasts, as to fuel ourselves before we start trekking into the forest, yes, you read it right, we're gonna trek into the forest!

Breakfast with a view

Medan Culinary Trip (Day 1)

On Friday 14th last week, I embarked on a 4 days vacation towards Medan with my friends. The main purpose of the trip was to go for a culinary journey throughout the city as it is a well-known fact that Medan has a LOT of delicious foods to offer. So you'd better get your stomach ready for all of the goodies coming towards your way!

Some quick bites at Starbucks before taking off towards Medan

The flight took off at 12.40PM (GMT+7) and the journey took approximately around 3 hours from Jakarta (CGK) to Medan (KNO). We arrived at Kuala Namu International Airport of Medan around 4PM (GMT+7). Kuala Namu International Airport is actually said to be one of the best airports in Indonesia, The Emerald of the Equator. And I gotta say that it does look clean and more sophisticated than most of the airports in Indonesia.

Just landed, heading into the airport.

Upon arriving, the weather sunny and clear, it was a perfect day to start exploring. Our friend came to pick us up at the airport and we headed directly to an eatery recommended by him. Just in time, as we were starting to get hungry.

Afternoon Tea Time at Lady Alice Tearoom

Holiday is over, and now I'm back to the daily routine of being stuck in classes again. Problem is, I still couldn't move on from the holiday mood.
Just imagine, the sea breeze blowing in every second, the sound of crashing waves, sun reflected on the white sands, and clear blue skies for as far as you can see. Then suddenly, BOOM! You blink your eyes twice and find yourselves waking up in class to the lecturer calling your name out for staring into daze in class. Man, how depressing could that be?!

Anyway, I will be updating you guys on my holiday from 2 weeks ago soon from Tanjungpinang, Bintan Island. It is a beautiful resort island located in Kepulauan Riau of Indonesia. Please do look forward to it!

Okay, so back to how I was feeling bored stiff and inattentive in class. I figured that I really needed to find something to get my good mojo back, 'cause you know, getting back in class after a long holiday can really turn you off. (Well, at least in my case, it does)

In the end, I finally got some friends to hang out with me, and we planned to catch a movie, Ant-Man, which has just been released not long ago. Yay! And so we head over towards Gandaria City, where the IMAX studio is available. Thankfully, traffic that day was pretty clear so we managed to arrive pretty fast.

There were several hours left before the movie starts, so we went ahead and had a tea time session at Lady Alice Tearoom, of which I remembered from my past visits that the chimney cakes here were very good.

About The Place

I'm pretty sure that most of you out there have ever heard about the famous fairytale, Alice in Wonderland. Yes indeed, within that story, Alice joined in a tea party, hosted by The Mad Hatter, after tumbling down the rabbit hole. With a pleasing combination of blue and white tones as well as a dreamy-like setting, Lady Alice Tearoom is here for those of you who would also like to relive the fantasy of having such a pleasant tea party.

Of course, they also have their main course menus here as well, but as the name suggested us with the word; 'tearoom', of course we had to take a look on how their  Tea Party Set looks like.

Lady Alice Tea Party (IDR 120k)

The Lady Alice Tea Party Set (IDR 120K) is a tea party set for two people, consisting of assortment of finger sandwiches, buttery scones with fruit preserves and whipped cream, chimney cake, custard puff pastry & fruits, any 2 choices of the homemade cakes on display, and a pot of tea with your selection of teabag.

Clockwise; Homemade Cakes, Custard Puff Pastry w/ Fruits, Chimney Cakes, Tea, Finger Sandwiches, Buttery Scone.

We got ourselves the cake choices of a Red Velvet Cake & a slice of Matcha Cake. And as for the tea, we chose the selection of Lady Alice Tea.
To me personally, the cake was a bit too sweet for my liking, and the texture was a bit too dry as well. The fragrance of the cake is pretty strong in a way that you wouldn't feel able to eat much of it.

On the 2nd row of the tea set, we have the famous Chimney Cake and the Custard Puff Pastry with Fruits. The Chimney Cakes had definitely worked their charm as always, the cream inside was just at the right level of sweetness. Even though I had remembered it as way much better before, it still managed to satisfy me anyway.
The Custard Puff Pastry was no less delicious than the Chimney Cake too, I liked how soft the pastry was, and the texture of the custard was divine, it spreads evenly inside your mouth. The fruits placed on top of it also freshens up your taste buds.

Down under the lowest tray, there was a Buttery Scone and some Finger Sandwiches. The smell of the butter from the Scone is pretty fragrant, and the fruit preserves bring up a freshening sensation to your mouth. Aside from that, the Finger Sandwiches were quite okay, but at the same time, they taste pretty standard as well.

For every tea time sessions, the tea has got to be superb. I would say that we have made the correct choice by choosing the Lady Alice Tea selection. The tea was fragrant and we were teased by the bits of freshness in the tea. It was simply a perfect touch to the set.

Gandaria City, Lot 211 Level 2
Jl. Sultan Iskandar Muda
Jakarta, Kota Jakarta Selatan
DKI Jakarta 12240, Indonesia
Phone: +62 21 29236376

Opening Hours:

WiFi: Available

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Ramen Village AEON Mall, BSD - Tangerang

Have you already heard about the newly opened mall in town, AEON Mall?
Located in BSD City, Tangerang, AEON Mall brings us not only a variety of Japanese related snacks and eateries, but also numerous brand new shops and snacks to town ever since their opening at the end of May 2015!

Some of you might be wondering, why is it associated with so many Japanese stuffs? AEON Mall is actually a shopping mall originated from Japan. Thus, resulting in bringing in lots of stores from Japan as well. One of the main attractions of this mall is located at the outdoor area, the illuminated garden. The lights will start lighting up from 6PM onwards and it is definitely a sight not to be missed.

One of the main reasons why we came here was to try out their famous Sushi and Sashimi sets which are sold at the Sushi & Bento Counter in AEON Market on their Ground Floor. Why are we so intrigued in trying out these sushi sets here? Well, because the sushi and sashimi sets here are sold at a very decent and cheap price, and they are also quite fresh as well. There are also a lot of varieties to choose from the counters!

Sushi Set (Back) & Sashimi Set (Front) - IDR 59K each

The sushi and sashimi sets are each sold respectively at IDR 59K. And with such generous portions served on the sets, what more could you ask for? There were several choices of sets available, but we went for the biggest one as it looked the most tempting out of all the sets there.
You can also buy the sushi themselves per piece, and each pieces are sold at around the price of IDR 3K - IDR 6K. They're surprisingly cheap right?! But each person may only buy 20 pieces at most per purchase, so if you're planning to grab a lot, I would suggest you to go for the sushi sets instead as the queue is usually very crowded.
And if you went for the sushi sets, you can pay for your purchase in any counters within the AEON Market area! Definitely choose the less crowded ones.

N.B. "Chopsticks" and "Shoyu" are sold separately and can be purchased at any cashier counters within the area.
For chopsticks, are charged IDR 500 per pair.
For shoyu, there are 3 choices available:
3ml at IDR 700
5ml at IDR 1K
10ml at IDR 1.8K

Next up, we went for dinner at one of the ramen outlets in Ramen Village, a district area that consists of seven specialty noodle restaurants located on the Mezzonet Floor of the 3rd Floor. Every single one of these restaurants was so packed with customers, and we had a hard time on choosing which one was suitable for us. We went ahead with the choice of Ramen Nagi - Universal Noodle. This restaurant has been well known for winning lots of awards in various countries.

From Left to Right; Butao Ramen (54k), Additional Ramen (Free), Ebio Ramen (58k), Genkio Ramen (58k), Chasiu (55k), Sanshoo Ramen (58k)

You can choose the noodle's texture by yourselves, whether you want it thin, thick, or even with udon or chasoba. There are also 3 types of soups available, light, standard, and creamy. And also 4 levels of spiciness are available. All customizable to your own personal likings.
Are you a big eater? If yes, then there's another perk of eating here! For every purchase of the ramen, you are entitled to FREE RAMEN REFILLS.
Yes, you've read it right, you can refill your ramen for free if you still have some soup left in your bowl after you ran out of noodles. They are also very generous with the additional portion of the ramen! (refer to the top middle photo for the additional ramen)

As for the taste, I quite like it, better than some but still not the best one that I have ever tasted. There are lots of varieties available here. The texture of the noodles was very fine, they don't break easily and still maintain their chewiness. Each of the different menus have their own distinctive flavors, and each of them are very fragrant in their own way.
My personal favorites are the Butao Ramen (Pork) and Sanshoo Ramen (Chinese Spices).
If you prefer an old-school original ramen, I would suggest you to go for the Butao Ramen, the flavors are not modified with additional ingredients and maintain the fragrance of the pork broth.

The service was just okay and not too shabby. They are pretty quick but quite sloppy in a way. They served our Sanshoo Ramen without even putting in the Chasiu meat pieces, we had to double check what was served on our table with what was presented in the menu before we called the waiter to fix our order as soon as possible. Please do double check your orders before digging in, you wouldn't want to lose the ingredients that are supposed to be in the ramen you ordered, would you?
But it was still understandable, since the restaurant was always so packed and the staffs must have been tired as well. Thank you for your hard work, keep on doing your best! お疲れ様でした! :)

Some of the restaurants here at the Ramen Village are Halal (no pork), while some others serve pork. *For reference:
Halal: Ramen Sei-Rock Ya, Ebisoba Ichigen, Kazan Ramen
Non-Halal: Ramen Nagi - Universal Noodle, Hakata Men-oh, Tokyo Ramen Tabushi, Ramen Kanbe

N.B. Some of the non-halal restaurants also provide non-pork broths such as chicken broth, ebi broth, etc. for those who don't consume pork. The list of restaurants above is for general references only.

Jl. BSD Raya Utama
BSD City, Tangerang 15345
Opening Hours: 10:00-22:00
Phone: (+6221) 29168585

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Anatolia Kemang - Jakarta

A few days ago, I was invited to this authentic Turkish restaurant, Anatolia, located at Jalan Kemang Raya No. 110A, Jakarta Selatan by Makanluar and Nomi Inc. for a private lunch.
Honestly said, I have hardly ever tried Turkish cuisines before, moreover authentic ones, so I am actually pretty intrigued to try this one out. Anatolia has been around the area since 1999, and still here as one of the restaurants managed by Nomi Inc.

One of the things that caught my attention was these lights as they were hang in the middle of the room and look so pretty! The whole place was also surrounded by various Turkish artifacts and decorations like vases, carpets, etc.

The pretty lights hanging down from the ceiling.

Anatolia is cleverly curated and lets you feel the essence and authenticity of Middle East. The overall ambience of this place is covered in the color red and blue, the lighting of the place is also pretty dim. It feels as if you're inside a cave. Here are several shots that I took of the interior:

The waiting area.
The dining area; with tall chairs and tables.
The bar area; with low tables and sofas.
The restaurant is divided into 2 main areas, which are the dining area and the bar area. The dining area provides tables and chairs which are tall enough for you to have a comfortable seating when having your foods. While the bar area provides low leveled tables with sofas, which is more suitable for people who came here to enjoy some drinks, shishas, or just to hang out with some friends.


As Anatolia is a Turkish restaurant, it serves authentic Turkish dishes. (duh!)
First up is the Anatolia Mezze Plate, Borek (baked filled pastries made of a thin flaky dough known as phyllo) served along with 3 choices of dips; Hummus, Babaganoush, and Bibier Salatasi. As the bread themselves are very big, this dish is perfect for sharing. There are 2 types of pastries available, the plain one and another one with sesame seeds on top. The dips looked spicy at first as they exude vibrant red colors and also chillies incorporated inside, but once I have tried 'em out, turns out they are not spicy at all! In fact, they taste really refreshing. This is perfect as I can't handle spicy foods that well.
Anatolia Mezze Plate (Borek; Hummus, Babaganoush, Bibier Salatasi) - IDR 225k

Next up, is the Adana Kebab Chicken. Now this is new to me, the kebab that I normally know is the one which has been wrapped up nicely for us to eat. So how exactly do you eat this? (Sorry, I'm new to Turkish cuisines!) Turns out you rip out a part of the bread, take a chunk of the chicken meat, then wrap the chicken meat along with the vegetables inside the bread by yourself, and VOILA!
As this was my first time trying this out, I had some problems while wrapping it up and ended up having spilled some of the fillings on my plate. Oopsie!

Adana Kebab Chicken - IDR100k

Now, this is my personal favorite, all hail the Lamb Shank w/ Cous - Cous! This is the dish that captured my attention the most out of everything that was served during the whole day. The meat of the lamb was so tender and juicy, and the flavor fits my taste buds so much.
Lamb Shank w/ Cous Cous - IDR 240k

Last but not least, the Bademli Balik. Pan Fried Fish, served along with almonds and tomatoes, which adds up to a fancy texture, both crunchy and soft. The fish was seasoned pretty well, but I thought that it was a bit salty then when you eat it as it is, but when you combine it with some plain rice. It fits just right in. The portion served was also quite generous.

Bademli Balik - IDR 165k

Everything that we had here was very enjoyable. Especially when this is my first Turkish cuisine experience, I sure have learnt a lot about Turkish cuisines. 
I'm so glad that I get to try this place out! It is definitely recommended for those of you who likes Turkish dishes!

Jalan Kemang Raya No. 110A
Jakarta Selatan, DKI Jakarta 12730
(021) 7194658

Opening Hours:

11:30 am – 2:30 pm

6:00 – 10:30 pm

WiFi: Available

Find Me On:

Quick hangout at Ombe Kofie

These past few weeks have been pretty stressful as I was having a battle for my final exam of the 6th semester of university, and there were also several other stuffs that bothered me. Nevertheless, I suppose I managed to pull through.

So to make things better again, one of my friends have been planning to visit Jakarta from Bandung, and we decided to catch up when he arrived in town. We didn't plan much as he would only be here for a day. We decided to hang out at a coffee shop around the North area, which is Ombe Kofie around the afternoon.

I was thinking about dropping by Central Park Mall beforehand to switch the pair of shoes that I bought around two days ago. Why? I suppose that would be the question that pops up by the time you read this.
I was supposed to buy the pair which is 42 in size, and I took them. So what's wrong then? Apparently the one that I saw was indeed 42, but the other half of the pair was 43! GASP!

I didn't even realize it until I got home. Even after I got home, I didn't pay any attention to it. And was so frustrated when I saw it, which means more work and it would be troublesome if the storekeeper couldn't find the other correct half.

Thank goodness when I called the store, the staff said that the other pair is still there. Which meant that I can just switch it later on when I visit the store. Phew!

Back to the topic, as I was getting ready to drop by Central Park Mall first, my friend told me that he needs to go back to Bandung by 4.45 PM. So I went ahead to Ombe Kofie directly, bringing along the unmatched pair. We didn't really have any much time to spare there, as it was already 3 PM. Every moment spent there was fun! The place was pretty crowded at that time but we still got a pretty good spot inside anyway.
The Simple Coffee shot.
From Left to Right; Michelle, Johan, Me

We didn't really have any much time to spare there, so we rushed around 4.10 PM for Johan to get to his travel bus back to Bandung. Unfortunately, we didn't make it anyway. So he needed to stay a night here at Jakarta,
The good news is, he could take another bus the next day after the travel agency called and we could still hang out in the evening. HAHAHA!

And so, we went ahead to Central Park to spend the rest of the evening there. Sure wished that we could have spent some more time for the day though.

Clockwise; Johan, Alex (me), Josephine, Michelle
Regards from us! :)

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