Djakarta Warehouse Project 2013

It's nearing the end of the year now, and it's finally time for... *drumrolls* the Djakarta Warehouse Project 2013!
I must say that it's my first time in partaking in rave parties like this, didn't really know what to think about, it just seemed fun haha. But unfortunately, it rained last night. Well what do you expect during this rainy season? Haha. So, here is the ticket that I got for the rave party. Yay!
It took me quite a while to get it. (the ticket was with another friend, and she was literally STUCK in the traffic jam). Well, the traffic jam here in Jakarta sure sucks, once you're stuck, you can stay on the road for hours. Moreover when it's raining like last night. Ouch.

We didn't really manage to take any good shots because of the rain, the crowd, and also because our mobile phones' batteries are running low from trying to contact our friends which were on their way, stuck on the gruesome traffic jam of Jakarta's road. HAHA.
But to sum it all, even though there were lots of trials, such as the rain, the crowd, the slippery soil, the muddy ground, etc. It was still fun and quite a nice experience. Haha.
This is our view when waiting for our friends to arrive. Accompanied by the cold rain.

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