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Hello there peeps, it's been a while since I last blogged about something. So yeah, here I am again with my new post. Well first of all, sorry if I haven't updated for such a long time, the thing is I've been quite busy lately, with college, projects, and also with my new part time job.

So, today here I am again. And this time, I'd like to tell you about this new part time job of mine. Everything started rather abruptly actually, and suddenly I just got here. LOL
Let's just start with the part where I'm having my part time job right now. So the place that I'm currently working at is called " Holika Holika" which is located at Mall Taman Anggrek, Jakarta Barat.

So what is Holika Holika?
Holika Holika is a cosmetics and skincare brand in the market from Korea. Just like the name, consumers will be introduced to a dream-like style decoration in the store, giving them a feeling full of magic.

So here is the store's photo of Holika Holika, which is located at Taman Anggrek Mall, West Jakarta.
It has this butterfly decorations all over the walls and most of the interiors and decorations use the colour violet & purple.

How did I start?
Well, everything started when one of my friends offered me this part time job at a store which is going to open soon, or so she said. And so, I just went on and sent my application letter  to the e-mail provided, and then I directly went through the training. It was quite harsh at first, as it was really mind-taxing having to remember and understand hundreds of the products that this brand has. And the training went on from morning until evening (so is the job right now). We were taught by the trainer Miss Lee Soo Yeon (Well, at least that's what I remember her name as. Sorry if I've made any mistakes here) and she is really nice, patient, and knowledgeable. Even though there's a language barrier between us, we had a translator who could help us overcome this problem. Overall, even though that it was tiring, it was still quite fun actually, I got to learn lots of new stuffs that I never knew before, and the boss is also really nice towards the employees.

Several Mood Boosters.
Now that I've started having a part time job, I can finally know how tiring it really is, especially when you have to work in a retail shop from 10AM-10PM. Like seriously, Phew.
I can hardly feel my legs during the first two to three days (it's my fifth day now by the time I made this post), and I also kind of lost my voice and had sore throat (as I was not used to talking so much, and suddenly I just have to talk non stop from morning until the evening to explain the products to the customers).
But aside from that, I also have several factors that help me boost my mood during work. And they are:
1. Having lots of customers who compliment my look and healthy skin condition.
I don't mean to brag about it, and I also don't feel too confident & perfect about my own look. But seriously, having yourself being complimented by LOTS of people is really a mood booster. (You can call me vain or whatever, but still, I'm happy. LOL) some even keep on comparing me with the ambassador of the brand, Jung Il-Woo. *Aww, STAHP, you're making me shy*
Anyway, thank you guys very much for your support and compliments for me during these times.

2. Having a nice boss.
I've been seeing lots of people who keep on complaining about how tyrant their bosses are. Well, luckily for me, I don't. In fact, the boss is really nice towards the employees, and I should feel blessed for that. Haha.

Well, I suppose that should be it for my post now about my new part time job. If you're currently staying in Jakarta region, and would like to visit, then PLEASE DO!
You may come directly to "Holika Holika" which is located at the LG Floor - Taman Anggrek Mall, West Jakarta. Perhaps you might see me, if I'm on my shift right then! Haha.
Well, that's it then. See you guys soon! Ciao! :D

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