Went to visit my high school, how nostalgic

Okay, so this post was supposed to be published like about a week ago when I was still in my hometown, but since I'm having some troubles with my internet connection, the post just had to be delayed until now.

Since I have been complaining that I have nothing to do lately, today I decided to went to my high school to visit some of my old teachers & my juniors.
Well, the school still looked the same actually, except for the fact that they're adding up one new building which is still under construction. I'm not quite sure what the new building is gonna be used as though, maybe more classrooms? Laboratoriums? Canteens? Or whatever.
Some of the teachers don't recognize me anymore, even though some still do. Haha, well whether they still remember me or not, at least it was still quite pleasant to be able to see them and relive some of the moments when they were teaching us. Some were quite funny, some were nice, while some others were.. err, you know what I mean, kinda strict and such.. Ouch. ;D

Walking around the school gave me a really nostalgic feeling, yep the "Good Old Days". I know, it has only been just a year since I finished school and continued to University. But don't say that I'm exaggerating stuffs, it really felt nostalgic. Hahaha!
Anyway I also managed to take some photos of the school, which is SMKN 1 Tanjungpinang. Sooo, here they are!

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