Hello people!

Okay here I am, the name's Alex and this would be my very first blog's post. Whee yay! :D
So, I started this blog during the holiday of my first year in University. (So as to fill in the free times that I have during this long holiday as well, haha)
But the holiday is ENDING soon! Gasp. I wonder if I should feel happy or not about it. On one side, I'd love to go back to classes and meet up with my friends, but on the other side, I still feel quite reluctant to leave this loooooong and relaxing holiday now. Haha, but ready or not, I still need to face it anyway, so I'll just have to get my studying spirit pumped up again then!
And, the next thing to do is... Well, I gotta start checking on plane tickets and buying a plane ticket quick before the price gets up very high, whoops.
Until next time then, and HAPPY HOLIDAY for you guys out there who are still enjoying your holidays! :D

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