Another weekend at Grandma's house

Just like any other weekends, here I am again, staying at Grandma's house. Wheee! Well, I usually have a sleepover here every weekend from Saturday until Monday morning.
I actually prefer it here more than my own house though haha.
So, anyway things went pretty much the same as usual today, played with the dogs, watched the tv, ate my meals, etc. And my grandma and my mom even made some Bakpaos today! :D Yay! Haha. They taste awesome, like seriously. Yummy.

Here is a picture of the bakpaos that they have made. Never mind the shapes, these are just the last ones being made. the good ones have been steamed already, so I didn't have time to take their pictures. Sigh.
And this! Woke up to see this sausage fried rice served on the table. Man, I feel so blessed. Not to say that it tastes very good as well. Yum!

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