Djakarta Warehouse Project 2013

It's nearing the end of the year now, and it's finally time for... *drumrolls* the Djakarta Warehouse Project 2013!
I must say that it's my first time in partaking in rave parties like this, didn't really know what to think about, it just seemed fun haha. But unfortunately, it rained last night. Well what do you expect during this rainy season? Haha. So, here is the ticket that I got for the rave party. Yay!
It took me quite a while to get it. (the ticket was with another friend, and she was literally STUCK in the traffic jam). Well, the traffic jam here in Jakarta sure sucks, once you're stuck, you can stay on the road for hours. Moreover when it's raining like last night. Ouch.

We didn't really manage to take any good shots because of the rain, the crowd, and also because our mobile phones' batteries are running low from trying to contact our friends which were on their way, stuck on the gruesome traffic jam of Jakarta's road. HAHA.
But to sum it all, even though there were lots of trials, such as the rain, the crowd, the slippery soil, the muddy ground, etc. It was still fun and quite a nice experience. Haha.
This is our view when waiting for our friends to arrive. Accompanied by the cold rain.

Exam Is Finally Over. Woohoo! [Emergency De-Stress Attempt: Shopping Spree, Quick Hangout]

Okay so right now, I've officially finished the mid term exam for the third semester. Gosh, it was super stressful (even though I ended up not studying very much, blah). The economic & financial subjects are so hard! People know how bad I suck at maths. It was awful, terrible, horrible, I don't even know how to describe it anymore. I even had fever during the exam period (Yes, I'm not exaggerating stuffs, it was that stressful for me).
But oh well, let bygone be bygone. I just have to work harder for the next final exam now.

So anyway! With the ending of this mid term exam, UNIQLO has also opened another branch on that same day, yesterday, which was exactly on November 29th. This time, UNIQLO opened in Mal Taman Anggrek, which is located at Mal Taman Anggrek, Unit U15 – Upper Ground (UG), West Jakarta.
You can notice the store very easily actually, and it is VERY spacious! Well personally, I love it very much, since the price is very reasonable. LOL.

Shop, shop, shop, and shop! 
 I was initially quite disappointed when they told me that the denim shirt which I wanted has been sold out, it has this creamy brown coloured collar which made it seemed different from other denim shirts. I was lost for quite a while, not knowing what to buy, since my main goal was to look for that denim shirt with the brown collar. And so, I just walked around all over the store browsing for other stuffs worth to buy within the grand opening crowd. Talk about the crowd, it was swarming with people! HAHA.
But in the end, I managed to buy quite a lot anyway. I ended up buying 3 shirts, and 2 pair of shoes. And another good thing is, you get to receive the free Tote Bag if you shop above a certain amount of money on the bill, and I got it!

After shopping, we went to the bookstore to look for "The Hunger Games: Mockingjay" book. But unfortunately, the book has been sold out. I suppose lots of other people must also be feeling very curious about what happens next after watching "The Hunger Games: Catching Fire" just like we did. Oh well, I guess we'll just have to wait.

After venturing around Mal Taman Anggrek, we went ahead towards Central Park Mall located just beside Mal Taman Anggrek. Well, nothing much to do now after getting tired from all of those shopping. so we just went ahead to Luciole Bistro to feed our tired souls now. The stuffs were quite heavy as well so we really needed someplace to rest.
The ambience at Luciole Bistro is really nice, especially during the evening like this, surrounded by music and the light evening breeze (we sat at the outdoor area). It just felt so nice.
Here is the view that we got at Luciole Bistro. Nice eh?
Well, to sum it up, I had a really nice day, even though I spent lots of money which I'm going to have a headache about later on. You know what they say, Shopping DOES help your mood get a whole lot better!
Oh and if you guys are curious about Luciole Bistro and the menu that they serve, why don't you guys just try it out directly, it's definitely worth a try. It's located at CENTRAL PARK MALL, TRIBECA PARK #PAV-01.

Work it!

Hello there peeps, it's been a while since I last blogged about something. So yeah, here I am again with my new post. Well first of all, sorry if I haven't updated for such a long time, the thing is I've been quite busy lately, with college, projects, and also with my new part time job.

So, today here I am again. And this time, I'd like to tell you about this new part time job of mine. Everything started rather abruptly actually, and suddenly I just got here. LOL
Let's just start with the part where I'm having my part time job right now. So the place that I'm currently working at is called " Holika Holika" which is located at Mall Taman Anggrek, Jakarta Barat.

So what is Holika Holika?
Holika Holika is a cosmetics and skincare brand in the market from Korea. Just like the name, consumers will be introduced to a dream-like style decoration in the store, giving them a feeling full of magic.

So here is the store's photo of Holika Holika, which is located at Taman Anggrek Mall, West Jakarta.
It has this butterfly decorations all over the walls and most of the interiors and decorations use the colour violet & purple.

How did I start?
Well, everything started when one of my friends offered me this part time job at a store which is going to open soon, or so she said. And so, I just went on and sent my application letter  to the e-mail provided, and then I directly went through the training. It was quite harsh at first, as it was really mind-taxing having to remember and understand hundreds of the products that this brand has. And the training went on from morning until evening (so is the job right now). We were taught by the trainer Miss Lee Soo Yeon (Well, at least that's what I remember her name as. Sorry if I've made any mistakes here) and she is really nice, patient, and knowledgeable. Even though there's a language barrier between us, we had a translator who could help us overcome this problem. Overall, even though that it was tiring, it was still quite fun actually, I got to learn lots of new stuffs that I never knew before, and the boss is also really nice towards the employees.

Several Mood Boosters.
Now that I've started having a part time job, I can finally know how tiring it really is, especially when you have to work in a retail shop from 10AM-10PM. Like seriously, Phew.
I can hardly feel my legs during the first two to three days (it's my fifth day now by the time I made this post), and I also kind of lost my voice and had sore throat (as I was not used to talking so much, and suddenly I just have to talk non stop from morning until the evening to explain the products to the customers).
But aside from that, I also have several factors that help me boost my mood during work. And they are:
1. Having lots of customers who compliment my look and healthy skin condition.
I don't mean to brag about it, and I also don't feel too confident & perfect about my own look. But seriously, having yourself being complimented by LOTS of people is really a mood booster. (You can call me vain or whatever, but still, I'm happy. LOL) some even keep on comparing me with the ambassador of the brand, Jung Il-Woo. *Aww, STAHP, you're making me shy*
Anyway, thank you guys very much for your support and compliments for me during these times.

2. Having a nice boss.
I've been seeing lots of people who keep on complaining about how tyrant their bosses are. Well, luckily for me, I don't. In fact, the boss is really nice towards the employees, and I should feel blessed for that. Haha.

Well, I suppose that should be it for my post now about my new part time job. If you're currently staying in Jakarta region, and would like to visit, then PLEASE DO!
You may come directly to "Holika Holika" which is located at the LG Floor - Taman Anggrek Mall, West Jakarta. Perhaps you might see me, if I'm on my shift right then! Haha.
Well, that's it then. See you guys soon! Ciao! :D

Went to visit my high school, how nostalgic

Okay, so this post was supposed to be published like about a week ago when I was still in my hometown, but since I'm having some troubles with my internet connection, the post just had to be delayed until now.

Since I have been complaining that I have nothing to do lately, today I decided to went to my high school to visit some of my old teachers & my juniors.
Well, the school still looked the same actually, except for the fact that they're adding up one new building which is still under construction. I'm not quite sure what the new building is gonna be used as though, maybe more classrooms? Laboratoriums? Canteens? Or whatever.
Some of the teachers don't recognize me anymore, even though some still do. Haha, well whether they still remember me or not, at least it was still quite pleasant to be able to see them and relive some of the moments when they were teaching us. Some were quite funny, some were nice, while some others were.. err, you know what I mean, kinda strict and such.. Ouch. ;D

Walking around the school gave me a really nostalgic feeling, yep the "Good Old Days". I know, it has only been just a year since I finished school and continued to University. But don't say that I'm exaggerating stuffs, it really felt nostalgic. Hahaha!
Anyway I also managed to take some photos of the school, which is SMKN 1 Tanjungpinang. Sooo, here they are!

Another weekend at Grandma's house

Just like any other weekends, here I am again, staying at Grandma's house. Wheee! Well, I usually have a sleepover here every weekend from Saturday until Monday morning.
I actually prefer it here more than my own house though haha.
So, anyway things went pretty much the same as usual today, played with the dogs, watched the tv, ate my meals, etc. And my grandma and my mom even made some Bakpaos today! :D Yay! Haha. They taste awesome, like seriously. Yummy.

Here is a picture of the bakpaos that they have made. Never mind the shapes, these are just the last ones being made. the good ones have been steamed already, so I didn't have time to take their pictures. Sigh.
And this! Woke up to see this sausage fried rice served on the table. Man, I feel so blessed. Not to say that it tastes very good as well. Yum!

A visit to the Doctor.

So, this morning, I went to the clinic to see a doctor about my condition these past few days. (like, finally) About the red eye condition, flu, and sore throat that has been going on for days. And honestly guys, it doesn't feel good to be sick at all. So remember to take good care about your health! It also seems like lots of my friends have fallen sick as well lately, well maybe the virus is currently spreading around. Ughhh.. :(

After consulting with the doctor, this is what he gave me.
A small bottle of eye drop, some antibiotics, and other meds for the eye problem.
Awww man, having to drink medicine sounds awful, doesn't it? That's why I gotta learn to take care of myself better onwards (again). Don't really know how many times have I exactly told myself this, but I still fail from time to time. HAHA!

Anyway, besides the medicines and the eye drop, the doctor also told me to rest my eyes for some time, don't swim, don't expose my eye to the sun or heat, and also don't let any dust get into my eye, which means I have to wear a pair of glasses or use a helmet which covers my face whenever I ride a motorcycle then.

And, a friendly reminder for you guys out there! Remember to always take good care of your eyes. Don't look at the computer, laptop, tablet, or even smartphone's screen for a long time. Always take a few minutes break after using it for a moment. You can try using the 20/20/20 rule: Take a 20-second break every 20 minutes. Focus your eyes on points at least 20 feet from your computer. Keep your eyes moving while looking at objects at various distances.
Don't strain your eyes peeps! :D

Hello people!

Okay here I am, the name's Alex and this would be my very first blog's post. Whee yay! :D
So, I started this blog during the holiday of my first year in University. (So as to fill in the free times that I have during this long holiday as well, haha)
But the holiday is ENDING soon! Gasp. I wonder if I should feel happy or not about it. On one side, I'd love to go back to classes and meet up with my friends, but on the other side, I still feel quite reluctant to leave this loooooong and relaxing holiday now. Haha, but ready or not, I still need to face it anyway, so I'll just have to get my studying spirit pumped up again then!
And, the next thing to do is... Well, I gotta start checking on plane tickets and buying a plane ticket quick before the price gets up very high, whoops.
Until next time then, and HAPPY HOLIDAY for you guys out there who are still enjoying your holidays! :D